A Resignation Letter Example

Example of Resignation Letter

Example of Resignation Letter

Lets be clear here - this is NOT a Cover Letter! But, the time will come when you’ve followed all the advice and secured the new job or career change you really want.


When that happens you’ll have pleasure writing the Resignation Letter as you leave the last job

You might be tempted, but this is not the time to tell them where they can stick their job. But, dont burn your bridges: for instance, you might want a reference from your boss or the company them at some point, so aim to leave on good terms. (They don’t need to know any different)


How To Write Your Resignation Letter

Its not easy to come up with any single example of this letter, because like Cover Letters and CV/Resumes they are highly personal documents. However, here are some general points you should include:

  • Address it to your boss by name; you know his name, so use it. Open your letter with Dear Bill, etc
  • Get straight to the point. Your opening sentence (and subject line) should be brief and to the point. Subject: Letter of Resignation
  • Briefly state your reasons. Note positive reasons for accepting a new job, not negative reasons for leaving this one
  • Make sure you have tied up the loose ends as far as possible. The moment you hand the letter in you are no longer part of the team, and may be asked to leave the building. If you have work that someone will need to take over, write a separate note to go with your resignation letter which lists important things like urgent work or passwords
  • Always state your contractual notice period. You might offer to stay a reasonable amount of time additionally. More often than not, it wont be taken up, but it is a good parting gesture to make. You could offer some time to train up a replacement which is a good way for your employer to use you (instead of just walking you out)
  • Be courteous and professional. Thank your employer for your time with the company, stating how much you appreciate it.


Your resignation can represent a difficult period of time. Writing a resignation letter isnt easy - you need to handle it professionally or it could have a serious impact on your career in the future.


Resign ONLY when you have an offer in writing!

You must ONLY write a resignation letter when you have got your new job offer with all of the agreed terms and conditions of employment and a full copy of your contract – NEVER, ever before this point do you hand in your resignation letter!

The point at which you come to write this letter can represent a difficult period of time. Giving in your resignation letter isnt always easy - you need to handle it professionally or it could have a serious impact on your career in the future.

Resist any temptation to sound off about any grievances you held or where they can stick their job. Yes, you may not have been happy and couldnt wait to leave the miserable job; what you probably want to do is tell your boss to stick the job and where youd like him to shove it. That might give you a small shiver of pleasure, but it would be very short lived and soon forgotten. What’s more you then effectively close every door that may have given you a way back to that company should ever need it – you might a reference for example for the set of skills you gained there. So DONT DO IT. The short-lived satisfaction really is not worth the possible consequences, so think carefully when you write a resignation letter.


Example Resignation Letter:

Mr (Managers name)

(Company name)

(Company address)

(Todays date)

Dear (Managers name)

Letter of Resignation

As we have discussed in our meetings, I have been keen to develop my career in (insert skill set) and have been offered a superb opportunity with (insert new companies name), which will give me more people, sales and finance experience at a higher level of remuneration.

I am therefore giving you the required one calendar months notice of resignation and will leave the company on (date).

I will of course ensure that all my work is up to date and do all I can to help a smooth handover before I leave. If you need assistance with training a replacement I will be pleased to assist you during my remaining time.

I thank you for your guidance over the (insert period of time). Although sad to be leaving, I have enjoyed working with you.

With Best Regards

Yours sincerely,

(Insert your name)